UT Southwestern Medical Center

Dr. Steve McKnight is the Distinguished Chair in Basic Biomedical Research in the Biochemistry Department at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. McKnight received his undergraduate training in biology at the University of Texas, and his PhD training also in biology at the University of Virginia. For postdoctoral training, he worked under the mentorship of Dr. Donald Brown at the Carnegie Embryology Department in the late 1970’s, and has since held positions at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Carnegie Embryology Department and the Biochemistry Department of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. McKnight has been involved in the creation of several biotechnology companies including Tularik, Inc., Peloton Therapeutics and Nura Bio. Throughout his career, Dr. McKnight has utilized innovative biochemical, molecular biological and biophysical approaches to study regulatory phenomena that control complex biological processes.